Tomb Raider The Angel of Darkness

Patch Notes

v. 0.0.7


-Health Bar
-Save game via Checkpoints
-First steps with Foot IK
-Level Statistics

v. 0.0.6


-Items can now be picked up
-Items have recording icon
-Options settings were adjusted
-Example Map was adjusted
-Enviroment sound was added
-Options hoevered sound was adjusted


-Old Example Map
-Some Interaction Blueprints
-Snapshot Mode

v. 0.0.5


-Key mapping was added in the settings
-Audio Settings save now
-UI was adjusted
– Control Settings are now applied to the game experience and          will be saved

Note: Changing the values can cause small frame drops!


v. 0.0.4

Bug Fix:

-Some Selection Buttons in Options ar now fixed
-Screen Resolution can now selected
-Level Selection list for debugging

v. 0.0.3


-Example Map fpr Debugging is now available
-Loading Screens between Levels

v. 0.0.2


-Main Menu was put on standalone map it should reduce loding    Time
-Newspaper articles have been reset in Extras and are now       displayed with ???
-Music was patched out in the extras until programming workes

v. 0.0.1

Release Version of Debug including:

-Main Menu with background animation
-Options Menu with saving Bug
-Extra Menu
-Launcher with Patching System

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