Tomb Raider The Angel of Darkness

Marten Gunderson

Runs global security service The Agency, a front for the Cabal – basically a mercenary recruitment agency.

BASED: in Amsterdam.
ORIGINS: Denmark – or – Bosnia?
AGE: no record.
DEATH: 2003

Runs a worldwide security consultancy with an enforcement capability for those who can afford the service (basically mercenary recruitment). Main legitimate front is The Agency – Security Services based in Prague. Gunderson has strong connections with Amsterdam but runs operations from a variety of bases throughout the world. Involved in armaments production and transport networks throughout the globe.

FOR THE CABAL: Security and enforcement including recruitment of mercenaries, freelancers and other dispensable individuals for The Agency. Maintains the series of safehouses dotted around Europe and elsewhere for Eckhardt to hole up in when on a rampage.

Likes to be close to any ‘messy’ business the Cabal needs clearing up but has an aversion to getting his hands ‘dirty’. In charge of installation and security measures at Eckhardt’s base at Castle Kriegler.

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