Tomb Raider The Angel of Darkness

Kristina Boaz

Heads the Strahov Psychiatric Institute.

BASED: in Prague.
ORIGINS: Argentina?
AGE: impossible to tell.
DEATH: 2003

Chief consultant surgeon and head of Corrective and Remedial Medicine at the Prague Institute Hospital. Consultant on the board of the Genetic Foundation outside Salzburg (a place very like Hitler’s mountain retreat Berchtesgaden). Done extensive work on tissue regeneration, coma and cryogenic states. Currently Director of the Strahov Psychiatric Institute.

FOR THE CABAL: Runs the Strahov Psychiatric Institute and the Cabal’s vivisection, plastic surgery and genetics programme. Has developed the Cabal’s only successful rejuvenation techniques to date. Eckhardt’s ability to survive indefinitely creates an almost religious awe in her and she is one of his greatest advocates within the Cabal, though still wary of his ruthlessness and unstable mentality.

ORIGINS: known to have arrived from Argentina during the 1930’s but whether this was for the first time or was the only properly recorded occasion is not known. Took up residence within Prague and became a respected (feared) member of the Czech medical fraternity pioneering groundbreaking research into cryogenics and tissues regeneration. Disappeared completely between the years 1937-1951. Whereabouts unknown. Unconfirmed sightings back in Argentina. Made her presence felt again from around 1955 onwards and began work at the Salzburg Genetic Foundation and the Strahov Psychiatric Institute. Author of several papers on the preservation and regenerative processes of augmented cell progressions in mutated human tissue. (See relevant website)

Age: impossible to tell with all the scar tissue and surgery she has undergone but seriously older than she appears.


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