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Joachim Karel

Corporate legal giant. Oversees The Cabal’s legal protection and interests.

BASED: in Paris.
ORIGINS: Russian-Finnish border – or – N Africa, Algeria?
AGE: indeterminate. Known to be active in the Cabal in the early to mid 1900’s.
DEATH: 2003

FOR THE CABAL: masterminds the Cabal’s covert activities and legal security measures ensuring anonymity for the alliance and all Eckhardt’s activities. Ensures integrity of all The Cabal members’ interests including the acquisition and protection of anyone or anything they deem valuable. His legal expertise provides total protection for Eckhardt when in Europe or elsewhere.

ORIGINS: was accepted into the Cabal ranks after the inexplicable disappearance of a previous member. As far as can be ascertained from any records this was early in the 20th century. (It was in fact in 1890.) He might have originated in the Russian Polish borderlands or equally from somewhere within the Algerian N African coastal area. All available records are vague and contradictory. The name Karel is not believed to be his authentic one.
Age indeterminate.

Joachim Karel

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