Tomb Raider The Angel of Darkness

Grant Muller

Heads the Botanical Research wing of the Strahov Complex.

BASED: in Rome.
ORIGINS: Tyrol Southern Germany – or – Languedoc area of S France?
AGE: who knows.
DEATH: 2003

Totally obsessed with the botanical world. Nurtures extensive collections of giant carnivorous plants, genetic mutants and deviant fungi.
Head of Department of Botanical Exotica in Rome and member of the World Pharmaceuticals Commission. Runs extensive research programmes in everything zoological and medicinal at university facilities world wide.

FOR THE CABAL: runs the Cabal’s covert botanical research laboratories and experimental bio-form modification programmes. Responsible for numerous plague outbreaks and mutagens.

ORIGINS: known to have namesake connections with the Tyrolean area of southern Germany but Muller denies these. Some contradictory records list the southern Languedoc area of France but these may have been ‘adjusted’.

Age: who knows.

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