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Our path for 2021

The path to the Church is now clear,

And so also our path for the year 2021!

First of all we wish you a happy New Year afterwards we hope you arrived well despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

We took a creative break over Christmas and New Year to get back to work with fresh spirit.

Not so nice news ahead of the way: this year you won’t see so many new screenshots of Levels that we started to remake.

This is also related to our time management, because we sat down at the beginning of the year and set up a roadmap which we now urgently need to work on.

At the moment the programming is at the top, because otherwise it would be a double job if our Lara couldn’t reach the cliffs and ledges that we are installing.

There is also already the 2nd problem our Lara, Our character designer Dokkyun is not finished with her and as long as we don’t have her there is nothing to program with.

This and the fact that my colleague Mr Keks is busy preparing for exams until late summer forces us to work more in the background at the moment.

I´m working on the audio, sort the dialogues and polish them up a bit qualitative.

But what have we achieved since the last post before Christmas?

We now have a Game Launcher from which the game can be started and also updated at the same time, if we release new patches which so far works quite reliably, this offers us the advantage that similar to Steam not everyone always has to download the full xxx GB, only once the full game and then just smaller patches.

We have also reworked the Main Menu both graphically and audio technically, the Lightning is now even more realistic and the audio no longer override no matter what volume.


So now you have a small overview of what’s going on and how it goes on, we will try to keep you on Twitter, Facebook and of course this homepage up to date but Leveldesign Technically nothing special will happen before Q4 2021.

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