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Parisian Backstreets and a Little Update

Hello together a few weeks ago we tried to go from inside areas and apartments to outside areas and cities.
We started with Parisian Backstreets and as you can see we are getting faster and better.
Now a positive message: our Lara is almost finished made by our character designer Dokkyun and maybe the next screenshots we post are already with the new Lara but we still have a problem.
We have the problem that we have to learn how to rig the character correctly, if anyone has any idea about this he can contact us here via the contact form or as a comment under this post, it would really help us a lot.

What else is new?

We have remastered the soundtrack and the cutscenes and are still in the process of assigning the Dialogues, otherwise nothing else has changed for the time but this can now go faster again because the leisure offer is very limited in Germany due to the Corona Lockdown in November.

Stay healthy and continue to support us as before 😀


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